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Life science research. Technicians using micro pipette

Colony PCR
Coomassie Stain
Lysate for Western
Time-Lapse Microscopy
TSA (Tryptone Soy Agar)
Ultimate Immunoprecipitation Guide
“Core Sample” PCR: Amplifying DNA from agarose gels
10 X M9 salts
10 X M9 salts + glucose
10x Lambda diluent (no gelatin)
50X Vogel-Bonner salts
Acetobacter xylinum
Acetobacter Xylinum Culture
Acrylamide gels
Affinity purification of antibodies
Affymetrix DNA labelling for gene expression arrays
Affymetrix One Cycle Eukaryotic Gene Expression Sample Processing
Affymetrix Target Hybridization
Affymetrix Two Cycle Eukaryotic Gene Expression Sample Processing
Agarose gel electrophoresis
Agarose Pads for Microscopy
Alm: Agarose gel electrophoresis
Alpha Factor Stock
Amplified insert assembly
Anneal and Extend
Anneal Extend PCR Protocol – for linking 2 pieces of DNA
Annealing and primer extension
Annealing and primer extension with Klenow polymerase
Annealing and primer extension with Taq polymerase
Annealing Oligos
Annealing primers
Anthrone cellulose quantification
Antibody Elution Buffers
Antibody Related Solutions & Recipes
Antigen retrieval
Arabidopsis gDNA isolation
Arabidopsis thaliana
Aseptic Technique
Assaying mating
Assembly pcr
Back Door
Bacterial cell culture
Bacterial transformation
Basophil Activation
Basophil Sensitization
Basophil tSyk
Belcher/ Electrocompetent Cells
Beta-galactosidase assay
Beta-Galactosidase Assay (A better Miller)
Beta-galactosidase assay/96 well format
Beta-galactosidase assay/Fluorescence
Beta-galactosidase Screen
Beta-glucuronidase protocols
BioCSI Basophil Activation
Biomass Analysis
Blue Light Overview
Bordet Gengou (BG) Agar Plate Preparation
Brennan:Miniprep for vaccinia virus DNA isolation
CaCl2 Competent Stock Cells
Calcium chloride competent cells
Calibration Curves
Cell and tissue lysis hub
Cell counting
Cell counting/plating
Cell cycle analysis
Cell Cycle Arrest
Centrifugal filtration/Nucleic acids
Centrifuge desalting
Centrifuge desalting/Zeba columns
Cesium Chloride Purification of T7
CFSE Labeling
ChIP-Chip E. coli
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Chung cells
Cisplatin Allergen
Cleaning Floating Pin Replicators
Cloning and sequencing
Cloning Checklist
Cloning Protocol
Colony PCR
Colony PCR (Yeast)
Competent Cells
Confirming phage via gel electrophoresis
Corum: Digestion
Corum:DNA Digestion
Corum:DNA Hybridization
Corum:Whole Plasmid PCR
Corus: T4 Ligation
Culture in Broth
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology
Current Protocols Most comprehensive source of protocols ranging from molecular biology to neuroscience.
Cycloheximide Stock Solution
Dahlquist:DNA Microarray Protocol
Design a Microfluidic Chip
Designing “Yeast Toolkit” compatible primers
Designing primers
DIYbio: Notebook / Keiki Gels
DNA blot (Southern)
DNA extraction from tissue
DNA ligation
DNA ligation using NEB Quick Ligation Kit
DNA ligation using T4 DNA ligase
DNA Precipitation
DNA Quantification
DNA Seq Prep
DNA Spots
DNA Synthesis from Oligos
Dot Blot
Double stranding oligo libraries
Drilling a Glass Microfluidic Wafer
Drilling in BNC
DropBase:droplet electrosorting
DropBase:droplet electrosorting 2
DropBase:droplet generation 2 inlets
DropBase:droplet generation 3 inlets
DropBase:droplet generation 3 inlets long delay
DropBase:droplet generation 3 inlets short delay
DropBase:droplet generation 4 inlets
Dropout plates for yeast
Dry Ice-Ethanol Bath
Dual Immunofluorescence Cell Staining
Duffy:LIC Cloning
Dynamic Coating
E. coli Electroporation
E. coli Western Blot
Electrocompetent cells
Electrophoretic mobility shift assay
Electroporation of E. coli
Electro-transformation of Lactobacillus spp.
Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts/Colony PCR
Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts/Dephosphorylation
Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts/DNA ligation
Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts/Restriction digest
Eosinophil Isolation
Erman’s Lab:DNA Miniprep with Alkaline Lysis
Escherichia coli
Etchevers:ChIP francais
Etchevers:Extraction ARN francais
Ethanol precipitation of nucleic acids
Ethanol precipitation of small DNA fragments
Expression/purification of 35S-Met proteins
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FACS calibration with beads
FACS protocols
FCS2 for Cycling
Feruloyl Esterase Protocols
File:Low tech flow cell and wicks.JPG
File:Low tech flow cell changing buffer with wick.JPG
File:Low tech flow cell.JPG
Fixation of Yeast (Bisaria Protocol)
Fixation of Yeast (McClean Protocol)
Fixation of Yeast (P. Xu Protocol)
Fixing cells
Flow Cells
Flow cytometry
Fong:Bradford protein assay
Free Sulfhydryl Determination
Frogging a Serial Dilution
Frogging Tetrads
General resources
Genomic DNA Prep (Bust ‘n’ Grab Protocol)
Genomic miniprep/Sigma kit
GEV Strain Construction
Glass Bonding
Glass Etching
Glass Etching in BNC
Glycerol stocks (yeast)
Golden Gate- Making a multi-part plasmid
Golden Gate-Making a new part
Half-Inch Cartridges Using the Tube Cutter
Hemacytometer protocol for yeast
High Efficiency Transformation
Hop DNA Isolation
Huang: Agarose Slides for Imaging
Immunofluorescence Microscopy (Pf, fixed)
Immunofluorescence Microscopy (Pf, live)
Immunohistochemistry Paraffin
In Vitro Kinase Assay
In vitro modification of DNA for L. plantarum
In vitro transcription
In vitro transcription with T7 RNA polymerase
In-fusion biobrick assembly
Intracellular cytokine staining for flow cytometry (mouse)
Intro to yeast
Introduction to Cell Culture
Invasive growth assay
Isolate Leukocytes from whole blood
Isolate leydig cells from testes
Isolating the Phage Genome
Isolation of murine splenocytes
Jamesh008:consensus DNA ligation protocol
JAX Basophil Activation
JAX Tcell studies
JoVE Journal of Visualized Experiments: An online research journal for publishing visualized (video-based) biological experiments.
Keating:Experimental Protocols:HPLC
Koch Lab:Protocols/Microsphere-DNA tethering
Koch Lab:Protocols/Microsphere-DNA tethering/Glass, dig, biotin, microsphere, 4kb DNA/Cleaning glass
Lab Database
LAB Media
Lactic Acid Bacteria
Lactobacillus chromosomal integration
Lactobacillus culture
Lactobacillus miniprep
Lactobacillus planarum miniprep
Lactobacillus transformation (Berthier 1996)
Lactobacillus transformation (Kim 2005)
Lactobacillus transformation (Serror 2002)
Lactobacillus transformation (Speer 2012)
Lactococcus transformation
Lambda diluent (SM buffer)
Layered plates
LB agar
LB broth
LB Broth or Agar Preparation
Library Generation
Lory:Quick transformant screen
Lysing E. coli with Lysozymes
M9 agar
Magic Marker Medias
Making a long term stock of bacteria
Making and Using Frozen Yeast Competant Cells
Making frozen permanents
Making plate lysates
Making RNA probes with T7 transcription
Mammalian cell culture
Marek: Freeze-down/Thaw
Mask Making
Maxiprep of plasmid DNA from E. coli
Membrane stripping
Membrane Stripping and Reprobing
Membrane Stripping Mild
Mesoplasma florum: Genomic DNA
Mesoplasma florum: Transposome construction
Mesoplasma florum:restriction enzyme tests
Mesoplasma flowers
Mesoplasma flowers, TN5 Transposase
Mesoplasma flowers: Electroporation
Mesoplasma flowers: Inverse PCR Transposon location
Mesoplasma flowers: RNA Purification
Metal Deposition
Metal Etching
Methods to determine the size of an object in microns
Micado Tutorial
Micropure EZ and Microcon purification
Milk Program
Miniprep low copy plasmids
Miniprep/GET buffer
Miniprep/Kit-free high-throughput protocol
Miniprep/Qiagen kit
Miniprep/TENS miniprep
MIT:Sequencing BioBrick DNA
Mounting medium
Mouse keratinocyte cultures
Mouse tissue lysis for genotyping
Mycobacterium smegmatis
NanoBio: PCR
Need help with protocols?
Nested RT-PCR
NIS Elements Repair
Nissl staining
Northern Blot, 32P End-Labeled Probes
Northern blot, AlkPhos end-labeled probes
Nuclear Extract Preparation
Nucleic acids
NuPAGE electrophoresis
NuPAGE electrophoresis/Fast staining
NuPAGE electrophoresis/Gel drying
NuPAGE electrophoresis/Hybrid staining
NuPAGE electrophoresis/Slow staining
Oligonucleotide phosphorylation, Annealing and Ligation
One step ‘miniprep’ method for the isolation of plasmid DNA
Order a Microfluidic Chip from the Foundry
P1vir phage transduction
Paraffin embedding and sectioning
Passaging Pertussis
PCR Overlap Extension
PCR techniques
PEG/NaCl Preparation
pH meter/Calibration
pH meter/Measurement
Phage Amplification
Phage enrichment
Phage genomic DNA extraction
Phage Isolation
Phage Replication Rate Assay
Phenol/chloroform extraction
Phluorin Calibration
PhoenIX Maxiprep Kit
Phosphatase treatment of linearized vector
Photolithography in BNC
Physics: PCB
Plant specific protocols
Plaque Assay
PlasmaPreen ORingReplacement
Plasmid Loss Assay
PlasmidPrep QiagenKit
Plasmodium falciparum
Plate reader
Plate reader usage protocols
Plating out phage
PNK Treatment of DNA Ends
Polar Lipid Analysis
Polyacrylamide Derivitization
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
Pouring Gels for Electrophoresis
Pouring LB plates from prepped media
Pouring plates
Prbbbb: in vitro FRET FRB FKBP v1
Prbbbb:Coomassi Ethanol stain
Prbbbb:inclusion body solubilization v1
Prbbbb:small scale expression v1
Preparing a Pertussis Culture
Preparing chemically competent cells
Preparing chemically competent cells (Inoue)
Preparing electrocompetent cells
Preparing phage specimens for TEM
Preparing Plates and Liquid Media
Preparing stabs
Preserving yeast cultures
Probe Prep, 32P End-Labeled Probes
Protein blot (Western) hub
Protein Purification – Salting Out
Protein solubility
Protocol Template
Protocol-online Useful protocols and a popular discussion section.
Protocols/p11 resin preparation
Protocols/Sortase mediated ligation
Protocols/Sortase mediated ligation/Protein DNA ligation
Protocols/Sortase mediated ligation/Small molecule ligation
Protocols/Sortase mediated ligation/Solid support ligation
Purification of DNA
Purification of His-tagged proteins
Purification of His-tagged proteins/Denaturing
Purification of His-tagged proteins/Denaturing with refolding
Purification of His-tagged proteins/Native
Puromycin Selection
QRT-PCR/Single tube
QRT-PCR/Two tubes
Quantitating nucleic acids
Questions and Answers on OWW
Quickie ImageJ Quantification
QX200 Digital Droplet PCR
Rapid bacterial DNA prep
Rapid plant gDNA extraction
Real-time PCR
Recombineering/Lambda red-mediated gene replacement
Reconstituting primers
Restriction Digest
Restriction Digest: Partial
Resuspension of primers
RNA blot (Northern)
RNA electrophoresis
RNA electrophoresis/Denaturing
RNA electrophoresis/Native
RNA extraction
RNA extraction using trizol/tri
RNA Half-life
RNA Purification from E. coli
RNA Quality Control
RNase Protection Assay
RollerDrum BrushReplacement
‘Round-the-horn site-directed mutagenesis
S liquid medium
S. aureus genomic DNA isolation
S. aureus pre-treatment for plasmid preps
Saponin Lysis of RBCs
SC Canavanine
SC Media
SDS-PAGE sample buffer (Morris formulation)
Separation Buffer
Sequencing Colony PCR Product
Sequencing DNA
Seth:Quick Transformant Screen
Sex genotyping of mice
Shreffler knows that Basophil Activation
shRNA Transfection
Sieving Matrices
Silver staining
Site-directed mutagenesis
Site-directed mutagenesis/Multi site
Site-directed mutagenesis/Single site
Size selective DNA precipitation
SM Buffer Preparation
Smolke:Protocols/Library transformation
Sonication Yeast
SortoStat / Operation
Spheroplast Transformation
Spot complementation test
Springer Protocols
SSM Media Preparation
Stitching Genes by PCR
STN Chemostat Protocol
Streptavidin purification of DNA fragments
Streptomyces:Protocols/DNA Digest
Streptomyces:Protocols/Mini-Maxi Prep
Streptomyces:Protocols/Spore Prep
Streptomyces:Protocols/Transformation by Electroporation
Studier Lysate Prep
Subculturing phage isolates
Supplemented M9 agar (M9sup)
Supplemented M9 broth (M9sup)
Synthetic Biology:BioBricks/Standard FACS protocol
Takara PrimeStar PCR
Tamoxifen administration to mice
TE antigen retrieval and immunostaining
Tetrad Dissection
TissueCulture:splitting cells
TissueCulture:Thawing cells
TNA (Tryptone Nutrient Agar)
TNB (Tryptone Nutrient Broth)
TOP10 chemically competent cells
TOPO TA cloning
Transformation Protocol for Arabidopsis
Transformation Protocol for Tobacco
Transforming chemically competent cells
Transforming chemically competent cells (Inoue)
TSB (Tryptone Soy Broth)
T-top (0.5% agar)
User:Behzad Damadzadeh/Notebook/PcTF Subcloning in E-coli/2012/05/23
User:Leprevost/Purification of His-tagged proteins/Denaturing
Using the NanoDrop
Vogel-Bonner glucose (VBG) minimal medium
Wafers Cleaning and Deposition
Weiss Lab:DNA labeling
Western Blot
Western Blot Optimization
Working with the LoxP/Cre System in S. cerevisiae
Yeast Colony PCR
Yeast DNA Prep
Yeast Mating Halo Assay
Yeast Recombinational Cloning