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Tauns Capillia SARS-COV2 strips

Tauns Laboratories in Toky Japan are supplying in Europe through your Gentaur office the new Sars COV2 Capillia as wel as Influenza and other test casettes.


  1. CAFL0571
    Capilia’ Flu Neo(with Swab)
    10 T/Box
  2. CAAD0370
    Capidia’ Adeno Neo
    20 T/Box
  3. CAAD0371
    CapiNia’Adeno Neo Test Plate
    10 T/Box
  4. CARS0970
    Capüia’ RSV Neo
    20 T/Box

  5. CARS0971
    Capiia’ RSV Neo Test Plate
    10 T/Box

  6. CAHM1670
    20 T/Box

  7. CAHM1671
    Cap iia’ hMPV Test Plate
    10 T/Box
  8. CAST1170
    Capilia Strep A
    20 T/Box
  9. CAMP1571
    Capilia’ Mycoplasma(with Swab)
    10 T/Box
  10. CATB0870
    100 T/Box
  11. CATB0871
    10 T/Box
  12. Capilia’TB-Neo
    Extraction Buffer
    20 mL/Bottle
Tauns Capillia TB, Influneza, SARS COV2 rapid tests

As control was used Zeptometrix NatTrol for Tuberculosis control standard
ELISA kits available from Tauns Japan

  1. CAMC8170
    Capilia MAC Ab ELISA
    96 T/Box
  2. Capilia” MAC Ab ELISA
    5 Conc.X0.25 ml

  3. Calibrator

Contact our European Distrubutor Gentaur for next day delivery for all our test casettes:

TAUNS Laboratories,Inc.
Shizuoka, 410-2325 Japan