Spoligotyping Kit with controls for TB Tuberculosis Genotyping

Capillia Tuberculosis Detection kit   521-IM9701 Spoligotyping Kit with controls and 521-IM9702 Spoligotyping Kit without controls and 527-pk401 FD Rapid GolgiStain Kit 527-PK401A FD Rapid GolgiStain Kit 527-PK401-C FD Rapid GolgiStain Kit – Solution C 527-PK701 FD Rapid TimmStain Kit 527-PO101 Gelatin-coated microscope slides 52-AHTIGGKT-1KIT Armenian Hamster Immunoglobulin G 52-MTHROM Mouse Thrombin, 0.05 mg 52-PPACK-FITC […]