Gentaur Apex TAQ Polymerase, Epigentek MethylFlash, EpiQuik, Biotium Gelred, Gelgeen

Alle benodigdheden voor PCR en Epigenetica

  1. TAQ Polymerase
  2. REDTAQ Polymerase voor PCR MIX met dNTP’s
347-12-532 Thermalseal PCR sealing film, sterile
347-20-276 Ethidium Bromide Dropper Bottle, 10ml
347-25-109 96-Well Cell Culture Plate Treated PS,
347-42-119PG Apex qPCR Green Master mix, 2X
347-42-134B Apex 2X Taq Master Mix, Clear
347-42-137 Apex Taq RED Master Mix, 2.0X
347-42-138 Apex Taq RED Master Mix, 2.0X
347-42-138B Apex 2X Taq Master Mix, RED
347-42-409 Taq DNA Polymerase, 500U, 10X NH4 buffer
347-9621 8-Port Manifolds
350-GS-0033 p53 EMSA Kit
355-AP70113-2 Recombinant Mouse Calpain-1
356-E12002-1 TET1 Protein Active new product
356-P-1030-96 MethylFlash Global DNA Methylation 5-MC
356-P-1032-96 MethylFlash Global DNA Hydroxymethylat.
356-P-1067-48 BisulPlus Loci 5mc & 5hmc Detection PCR
356-P-3012-2 EpiQuik Dnmt3A Assay Kit
356-P-3013-2 EpiQuik Dnmt3B Assay Kit
356-P-3034-96 EpiQuik Global Tri-Methyl Histone
356-P-3038-96 EpiQuik Global Mono-Methyl Histone
356-P-3040-96 EpiQuik Global Di-Methyl Histone
356-P-3086-96 Epigenase 5mC Hydroxylase TET Activity
356-P-3088-96 Epigenase PRMT Methyltransferase
356-P-4034-96  Epigenase HDAC Activity/Inhibition
356-P-6004-96 EpiQuik 8-OHdG DNA Damage Quantification
356-P-9009-96 MethylFlash 5-mC RNA Mthylation ELISA
364-4815-4 Silicone tubing 3/5mm x 10m
36-K5011050 Saliva DNA Isolation Kit
370-CL0310-2 Diagnostic Kit for Hepatitis Be Antigen
37-23007 TrueBlack Lipofuscin Autofluorescence
372-IAV-142-2 Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein
372-IAV-142-5 Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein Antigen
372-IAV198 Influenza A antigen Calibration Kit
372-IAV254-100 Influenza A NCP Monoclonal antibody
372-P1120 HSV ICP6 Monoclonal antibody (H121)
37-31038 PMA enhancer for gram negative
37-40069 PMAxx Dye, 20mM in H2O
37-41003 GelRedTM Nucleic Acid Gel Stain, 10,000X
37-41004 GelGreen Nucleic Acid Stain, 10,000X in
37-41005 GelGreen Nucleic Acid Stain10,000X in wa
37-50034 FURA-2, AM ESTER, 1MG
37-70054-T MitoView Green
382-M020-025 MycoSPY Master Mix
382-M020-050 MycoSPY Master Mix
388-101-t Direct PCR Lysis Reagent 50ml (tail)
388-102-T Direct PCR Lysis Reagent (mouse tail)
388-301-C Direct PCR Lysis Reagent 5ml
388-302-C DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (cell), 100ml
388-402-E DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (mouse ear)
399-CSB-E08334h Human P53/ Tumour Protein, 24T
399-CSB-E08607H-24 Human Leucocyte antigen HLA-B27
399-CSB-E17109h Human Folic acid ELISA Kit
399-CSB-EL006064BO Bovine Kappa – Casein (CSN3)
399-CSB-EL018125HA Hamster putative phospholipase B-like 2
399-CSB-EP001561BO Recombinant Bovine Serum albumin
399-CSB-EP009344HU Recombinant Human Growth/differentiation
399-CSB-EP341251OE Recombinant Onchocerca volvulus
399-CSB-EP341251OE-1 Recombinant Onchocerca volvulus
399-CSB-PA234835 TK Antibody
399-CSB-PA362734 Recombinant Dog Arginine esterase
399-CSB-YP320179RE Recombinant Synsepalum dulcificum
399-CSB-YP3308SVG Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae
399-CSB-YP3308SVGY Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae
39-CD45-250 Clone HI30. Isotype Mouse IgG1 k
39-CD63-250 Clone H5C6, Isotype IgG1, k’
39-GAM250 goat anti Mouse, 2ml
400-SPR-209 MDA-BSA Conjugate
401-B0025R Anti-Human Glycan-3 25 µg
408-NB306-50 Background Buster, 50ml
408-NB306-7 Background buster
408-NB309-15 Fc receptor  blocking agent 15ml
408-NB309-30 Fc receptor  blocking agent 30ml
408-NB309-60 Fc receptor  blocking agent 60ml
408-NB325 Uni-Trieve, 1 liter
414-LVCO-50 LV CryoOil
414-M2-L18SP-A1 MicorMount Small Aperture
414-M2-L18SP-A2 MicorMount Small Aperture, 200 micron
414-NVHO-1 NVHO-1, 4. oz bottle
43-3765.X 2.0ML Graduated Microcentrifuge tube
439-DNAP-350 Omni Klentaq LA


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