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All from the Univeristy of Gent

Aelin Therapeutics: the development of therapeutics against antibiotic-resistant or untreatable diseases
Algonomics (acquired by Lonza): integrated immunogenicity prediction services to support companies in the development of biotherapeutics
Alphabit (acquired by Keysight):  electro magnetic simulation software for electronics and antenna analysis
AM Team: consultancy services in CFD modeling of pharmaceutical processes and waste water treatment
Animab: development of edible antibodies to prevent infectious diseases in animals
AntelopeDx (acquired by MyCartis): Point of need diagnostics based on advanced photonic circuits
Aphea.Bio: Plant growth promoting bacteria
ARCHE (formerly EURAS): risk assessments for inorganic substances (metals, alloys, slags) and for flame retardants or other organic chemicals.
Argus Technologies (acquired by Agidens): web based remote monitoring of alternative energy sources
Artemia Systems (acquired by INVE Aquaculture): aquaculture hatchery nutrition
Asasense: smart sensor network solutions with a focus on sound and vibration
Avecom:  steering and optimizing microbial processes with the focus on customer’s needs
AVGI: optimizing steam cracking and maximize economics for the petrochemical industry
Avroxa: the development and production of poly oxazolines  for pharmaceutical applications (Ultroxa)
BiFAST: high speed I/O chips
Biogazelle: next generation diagnostics and therapeutics in the field of oncology and other human diseases
Biotim (acquired by Waterleau): wastewater treatment technology
Cacao Lab: creation of innovative chocolate products and processes
Caliopa (acquired by Huawei): development and marketing of high speed fiber optic transceivers 
Com & Sens:  consultancy services on fiber sensor based monitoring of composite structures
Comsof: Innovative Software Development & Consultancy Services
Conexus Pharma: innovative drug delivery systems for combination therapy purposes using a hot-melt co-extrusion technology
CoScale (acquired by New Relic): performance monitoring built for web-scale and microservice applications powered by anomaly detection
Creative Therapy: Interactive carpets for therapeutic use
CropDesign (acquired by BASF Plant Science): phenotyping of various plant species
Custodix: securing sensitive data
Dekimo: electronic services
Demed: technical, engineering & programming support in the domain of clinical research for anesthetic and general drug administration purposes
Devgen (acquired by Syngenta): crop protection
DISC (acquired by Eskographics): prepress software for the label and packaging market
D-PAC: Digital Platform for the Assessment of Competences (joint with imec and UAntwerpen)
eCOAST (acquired by Eurofins): environmental service company performing independent marine and maritime research
Elmedix: medical engineering and device development
EPAS (acquired bij Seureca Veolia): eco process assistance
Epilog: automatically detect epileptic phenomena in EEG recordings and localize their origin in the patient’s brain
Excentis: testing, consultancy and training for access network technologies 
ExeVir: development of single-domain antibody-based therapies that help patients ward off viral infections
Feops: Guiding structural heart interventions to increase safety and efficacy
Fertihome/Sonaura: user friendly, tablet based ultrasound imaging system for home monitoring (ultrasound IVF monitoring)
Fire Engineered Solutions:  fire safety consultancy firm that provides ready-made technical solutions
Flamingo Therapeutics: development of novel treatment options for various cancers, focusing on the non-coding genome
G2B Consulting: Services in clinical image scoring of osteoarthritis patients based on proprietary methodology
Gatewing: Unmanned aircraft systems (acquired by Trimble)
GenOhm: Lab informatics simplified
GeoInvent: mobile mapping platforms for road and marine applications (acquired by Sweco)
Geo-Wise: Bringing advanced simulation techniques to industry
Ghent Archaeological Team (GATE): archaeological services
Graphine (acquired by Unity Technologies): development of graphics middleware and tools for real-time 3D visualization and video games
Gulliver: the development of llama nanobodies for researchers in knowledge institutions and companies
Hydrohm: Electrification of the water sector by development and commercialization of innovative water treatment solution
Imageens: arterial stiffness measurement through pulse wave velocity (PWV) measurement 
Imaqua: contract research services to the shrimp aquaculture industry
Impetus Academy: evidence-based leadership and organizational development based on the self-determination theory Online assessment tools and marketing research using implicit measures
iMPULSE (acquired by Profacts): linking emotions to decisions – knowledge through implicit research
Inbiose: specialty carbohydrates
Indigo Diabetes: Continuous glucose monitoring 
Innogenetics (acquired by Fujirebio): diagnostic products to improve therapy management and patient health
Innolab: service laboratory in connection with biogas production, purification of waste water and analysis of biomass
INSPECT: advise and testing on natural stone
Intrexon Actobiotics (formerly ActoGenix): a novel class of biopharmaceuticals forging a new frontier in cellular therapeutics
Inverto: development of lighting solutions, wireless and green power conversion, switched reluctance technology
Jabbla: voice technology
Karybel: electrical expertise & power quality
Lopos: sensor solutions for location tracking of animals 
Luceda: software and services for integrated photonic designers
Madsis: Materials, Design, Simulations, Software
Magnax:  axial flux generators for medium scale wind turbines
MEXCELLENCE: excellence in mastitis management
MicroBio Tests: detection and quantification of the toxicity of chemicals and/or liquid or solid samples in polluted aquatic and terrestrial environments.
Mind4Energy: design, monitoring, and maintenance of large solar photo-voltaic installations
ML2Grow: artificial intelligence based predictive tools that enhance decision making when optimizing processes and systems
Möbius: business consulting
Molecubes: high-end benchtop preclinical imaging
MORROW Optics (SIHTO): age-defying eyewear
MRM Health: development of microbiome-based drugs
MyCartis (formerly Pronota): Biomarker analysis made fast and easy
OhmXBio: High throug-put OMICS solutions
Olfascan (formerly PRG Odournet): solving odour problems – measurements, analyses, modeling, and advice
Organic Waste Systems: anaerobic digestion plants, biodegradability and compostability testing, waste management consultancy
Orionis Biosciences: breakthrough precision medicines
Orotech: pharmaceutical dosage forms for application in veterinary and human medicine
PeptiSyntha (acquired by Corden Pharma): manufacturing and supply of cGMP peptide APIs for pharmaceutical and biotech companies
Phyto-IT: software solutions and consulting services for plant science and agriculture/horticulture
Plant Genetic Systems (acquired by Bayer): genetic engineering of plants
Pozyx: indoor and outdoor hardware solutions for accurate localization.
Primoris (formerly FytoLab): food analysis
ProDigest: gastrointestinal expertise
Progeno: software for a more cost-effective animal breeding programme as well as a faster genetic progress
PXLence: PCR assays for targeted amplification and sequencing of the human exome
Q-Biologicals (acquired by the Amatsi Group): services in the development and manufacturing of biologicals 
Qpinch (formerly Caloritum): industrial energy from waste heat
Quality Control: audits, auto-inspection, inspection and sample surveys for the food industry
QustomDot: development of environmentally-friendly quantum dots, to improve the color range and energy efficiency of displays
Radion-D: improved breast cancer treatment by lowering the radiation risk
Research Institute for Chromotography: development and promotion of chromatographic and mass spectrometric knowledge and know-how
Reskin: silicone skin technology
RheaVita: the development and production of freeze drying systems for processing (bio-)pharmaceuticals
Sample Sumo: music technology and interactive media
Sanacon: technical and scientific support in the field of concrete
SDN Square (formerly Candit Media): scalable file based workflow and content delivery solution for the digital media industry
Senso2Me: homecare solution for elderly people through the internet of things
Sentea: silicium-photonics based glass fiber solutions
Shoppervision (Smartivize): mapping out the behavior and attention of consumers in supermarkets by tracking what they look at when strolling through a store
Snaptonic: custom-made, low-power connectivity solutions within the Internet of Things
SpartaNova: Web based performance improvement and injury prevention prediction platform for athletes
Statter: statistical data analysis
Techspert: materials testing lab
Tengu (Qrama): Automated roll out of open source big data warehouses
TerraCottem: soil condition technology
The Forge: helps teams and organizations to analyze how innovative they are and what they can do to improve it
The Vigor Unit: R&D and consultancy focused on understanding, predicting and changing people’s behavior at work
TiGenix: biopharmaceutical company focused on development of novel therapeutics
Track4C: container tracking based on wireless sensor networks
Trinean: microfluidic spectrophotometry platforms
Veltion: consultancy in lean manufacturing techniques and industrial process innovation
VitroPlena:  structural glass solutions
WFRGent: fire tests on construction materials, materials used in transport and materials for the off-shore industry
XRE (formerly InCT/Inside Matters): 3D X-Ray Microscopy and Octopus Imaging software