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NATtrol Positive Controls and other Reagents

NaTtrols positive or negative PCR controls for IVD callibratrion of viral load with a non infectious viral sample produced in the laboratory of Zeptometrix.

These controls are often used for GenExpert Cepheid or on Illumina, BD

01-NAT1190 Accugel 29:1 (40%)
01-NAT1258 Protogel 450ml ( 30%)
01-NAT1260 Protogel, 1L
01-NAT1330 Histoclear 1 gal
01-NAT1334 Histoclear 11    1 gall
01-NAT1456 NUC-Wipes
02-0801111 HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA Kit
02-0801180-KIT Mouse IgG ELISA – 96 determinations
02-0801199 Arylesterase/Paraoxonase Assay Kit.
02-0801201 SIV p27 Antigen ELISA, 480 determination
02-0810008 Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Lysate
02-0810066 MS2 Bacteriophage
02-810274 MS2 Bacteriophage Medium
02-MDZ001 Natrol Multimarker control
02-MDZ002 NATrol Chlamydiae trachomatis Positive
02-MDZ003 NATrol Neisseria gonorrhoeae Positive
02-MDZ049 Norovirus GI/GII Positive Control
02-NATCDI-6MC NATtrol C. difficile Positive Control
02-NATCDIVP-C NATtrol Clostridium difficile
02-NATCOV(MR)-BIO NatTrol Mers-s cerevisiae recombinant
02-NATCRVP-C CARBA-R Verification Panel
02-NATCSO-6MC NATtrol C. difficile Negative Control
02-NATCT(434)-6MC NATtrol Chlamydia trachomatis
02-NATCT/NGNEG-6MC NATtrol CT/NG External Run Control
02-NATCXVA9-6C NATtrol Influenza/RSV
02-NATFLUA/B-6MC NATtrol Influenza A/B Positive Control
02-NATFRVP-C NATtrol Influenza/RSV Verification Panel
02-NATGIC-BIO NATtrol GI Controls (12*0.2ml)
02-NATMEC-BIO Natrol Meningitis-Encephalitis Controls
02-NATNG-6MC NATtrol Neisseria gonorrhoreae
02-NATRPC2-BIO Respiratory Panel 2 Controls
02-NATRSV-6C NATrol RSV Positive control
02-NATWNV-0003 NATtrol (WNV) Strain NY2001-6263
02-NATWNV-0004 NATtrol (WNV) Strain NY2001-6263
04-5540150 50ml TC Tubes, Conical, 440 units/box
04-C009-50ug Recombinant Human Interleukin-6
04-C311-10UG Recombinant Human OX-2/MOX1/CD200
04-C445-1MG Recombinant Human SIGLEC-3/CD33
04-GMP-HU-IL4-50UG GMP IL4, 50µg,
04-RHUGM-CSF-7A10 PRE-GMP rHu GM-CSF, Molgramostim-Leukoma