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Mybiosource Elisa kits



MyBiosource snelste leverancier van Elisa kits



544-MBS013458 Human Phospho Tau Protein ELISA KIT
544-MBS018585-5X96 Human Soluble Toll-like receptor 2
544-MBS041690-96 Hamster Cathepsin D ELISA Kit
544-MBS077801-96 Hamster HtrA Serine Peptidase 1 ELISA
544-MBS089535 APLNR Elisa kit, 48T
544-MBS089535-96T APLNR Elisa kit, 96T
544-MBS1058663-0.2 Gurmarin Recombinant protein
544-MBS1127814 Holo-Acyl-carrier-protein synthase (acpS
544-MBS120301 Mouse monoclonal antibody anti human
544-MBS1259176 OV-16 antigen expressed in E.coli 0.01MG
544-MBS1496083-0.1 Rabbit anti-human CALCB PaB
544-mbs1600791-96T Hamster Lipoprotein lipase Elisa Kit
544-MBS2009399 EZH2 Recombinant protein
544-MBS2024645 PCI Elisa kit, 96T
544-MBS2513363-24T General LPS Elisa Kit
544-MBS2522894-60 CCDC115, Polyclonal Antibody
544-MBS2523472 CMTM5 AK Polyclonal Antibody
544-MBS2524116 CCR2 polyclonal antibody
544-MBS2607598-96 Porcine Interferon-induced protein with
544-MBS2613906-96T Porcine Fatty acid-binding protein 5
544-MBS262723-96T PR3-ANCA Elisa Kit
544-MBS269569-96T C3b Elisa Kit
544-MBS2881121 Elisa HIF1a Mouse Tissue Extract
544-MBS2884482-96 Pro-opiomelanocortin ELISA KIT
544-MBS319788 Zika Virus NS1 recombinant 1mg
544-MBS375144 Mouse anti Desmoglein 2
544-MBS3800050 COLIII Elisa kit, 96T
544-MBS3803932 Rv3178 elisa kit Human Nitroreductase
544-MBS3804142-96 Ghrelin ELISA Kit
544-MBS423607-0.1 Goat anti CHRNA7 antibody
544-MBS434243-0.1 SARS CoV-2 Spike PaB
544-MBS448092-0.6 Goat Tomato polyclonal antibody
544-MBS534455-1MG Listeria Antibody
544-MBS540364 Phospho-slingshot 1 isoform 1 antibody
544-MBS569937-1MG Mouse COVID-19 Monoclonal antibody
544-MBS596001 Zika virus envelope recombinant Protein
544-MBS7004333 TMEM95, Polyclonal Antibody
544-MBS703198 COL1A1 Elisa kit, 96T
544-MBS7046828 Terminal 6xHis-SUMO-tag Negative control
544-MBS7049264 TFEB, Polyclonal antibody
544-MBS7050061 OS9 Antibody, FITC conjugated
544-MBS7053013 BAS1 Antibody
544-MBS706350 Mouse Pro-Nerve growth factor ELISA Kit
544-MBS7228501-96 Sheep Deleted in malignant brain tumors
544-MBS7606720 Elisa HIF2a Mouse Tissue Extract
544-MBS762940 PCIII ELISA kit, 96T
544-MBS763993-96T Rat Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor
544-MBS769897 Mouse Anti-GRP94 antibody
544-MBS776628-96T MPO-ANCA IgG Elisa Kit
544-MBS779108-96T Hamster Lipoprotein Lipase Elisa Kit
544-MBS8207892-15 VCY siRNA
544-MBS8232828-30 CCDC158 siRNA (Human)
544-MBS8243204 Chitinase assay kit
544-MBS8243234 Xylanase assay kit
544-MBS824889-96T Rat CCL3 Elia Kit
544-MBS825100 Mouse NGF beta ELISA KIt
544-MBS835789 Rabbit anti-human Peroxiredoxin SO3
544-MBS839081-0.1 Rabbit Canstatin Polyclonal Antibody
544-MBS850552 OTX2 Antibody 0.1mg
544-MBS854596 Anti-Human, Mouse TNF12 antibody
544-MBS8574744 SARS-CoV-2 N (BN18) Monoclonal
544-MBS8574745 SARS-CoV-2 S1 Monoclonal antibody
544-MBS8574747 SARS-CoV-2 S2 Monoclonal antibody
544-MBS9125504-0.1 Anti-IRF8 antibody
544-MBS9136373-96T Agouti Related Protein ELISA Kit
544-MBS9214443 Rabbit anti-Human GP1BA, 0.4ml
544-MBS9418858-0.1 Anti-ASAP1 antibody
544-MBS9425257-96T General Cyclic Diguanylate ELISA Kit
544-MBS9429547 CAPN15 antibody, 100ul
551-UVTIPB P10 UVpette Pipette
554-GDMS1971 25OH Vitamin D Total ELISA kit
554-KAPD1289 LH Sandwich ELISA kit, 96T
564-IB47822 Fecal DNA Extraction Kit
564-IB70041 Molecular biology Grade agarose 250g
564-IB70042 Molecular biology Grade agarose 500g
566-FNCO-001 2019 Novel Coronavirus Detection FISH
566-FREA-87 CISH Polymer detection kit
568-P100 PureExo® Exosome Isolation kit
568-P503 Plasma membrane protein extraction kit
568-P522-20 Total Protein Extraction Kit For Adipose
570-ODZ-166 anti-complement factor H, 48tests
572-A512000-100 L-Albizziin / L-2-Amino-3-ureidopropion
572-B871023 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl caprylate
579-RAP/IgG(H+L)/F Rabbit anti pigeon IgG (heavy and light
579-RAP/IgG(H+L)/P Rabbit anti pigeon IgG (heavy and light
57-M0271 TM Membrane Fluidity Kit
580-JT90-R001M Aqua Clean: T-pro Aqua EZ Clean
580-JT90-R001S Aqua EZ Clean
598-MO-T40085C mAb anti-human PSP, YPS
603-DHC-B025 INCYTO C-Chip
603-DHC-N015 Incyto C-Chip Neubauer (50pcs/box)
603-INCYTO-Needle INCYTO Needle-RN
607-A1632-100MG SB202190
607-A1901-25MG Q-VD-OPh hydrate
607-A1903-25MG Cysteine protease inhibitor E 64d
607-A2606-1mg Epoxomicin
607-A2606-5mg Epoxomicin
607-A3001-200MG PCI-32765, BTK Inhibitor
607-A3008-50MG Y-27632 dihydrochloride
607-A3343-10 D609
607-A3343-50MG D609 PC-PLC inhibitor
607-A4011-10mM ONX-0914 (PR-957)
607-A6694-1G Fmoc-D-2-Me-Trp
607-A8001-1G Sulfo-NHS-Biotin
607-A8003-100mg Sulfo-NHS-LC-Biotin, 100mg
607-A8005 Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin, 100mg
607-A8011-1G Biotin-tyramide
607-A8737-5MG S63845 MCL 1 inhibitor
607-B4797-100 HSP990
607-B4987-100 Liproxstatin-1
607-B6163-5 A-1155463 (BCL-XL Inhibitor)
607-C3688-25MG Fialuridine
607-C5049-5 AZD 3965
608-MA1081-M Monoclonal Anti-Pan cytokeratin, PCK
617-EKB01687 Human VIP Rapid cempetitive ELIS