Sars-Cov2 detection automation

Comparable to Qiagen but faster.

  1. 200 copies per mL detection limit
  2. 24 tests per kit
  3. Target genes: ORF1ab and N gene
  4. Compatible with sputum, alveolar wash, and pharyngeal swab samples
  5. Positive control and an internal standard included to monitor test accuracy
  6. CE and CFDA Certified

What is the AB Sars-CoV2 detection kit, when combined with the VERSA automated liquid handing platform?

  1. Our instrument provides a scalable virus sample processing solution.
  2. The current outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus demands short sample processing times combined with rapid and reliable detection kits.
  3. Aurora Biomed’s viral diagnostic kits and automated liquid handling platforms provide automated solutions for virus detection.
  4. Aurora’s VERSA series of liquid handling platforms are compatible with automating most common virus detection workflows.
  5. COVID-19 virus 2-step detection kit AB COVID-19 2-step virus detection kit has a separate RNA isolation step that is followed by the qPCR reaction set-up (Catalogue # ABCOVID19-2step).
Sars Cov2 fastest detection workstation