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5S Ribosomal RNA Databank
AAA Protein Superfamily Database
AAindex – Physicochemical properties of peptides
AARSDB – Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase sequences
ACTIVITY:  Functional DNA/RNA site sequences
ALIGN (Pairwise Sequence Alignment)
All the Virology Servers in the World
American Biotechnology Laboratory
American Laboratory News
American Type Culture Collection
Androgen Receptor Gene Mutation Database
Androgen Receptor Gene Mutations Database
Arabidopsis thaliana database – TIGR
Arabinet (AtDB)
Ares Lab Intron Site – Yeast Spliceosomal Introns
ARGUS – Harvard University
ArrayExpress – European Bioinformatics Institute
Art’s Biotechnology Resource
Asthma and Allergy Database
Asthma Gene Database
ASTRAL – Analysis of protein structures and their sequences
Atlas of Genetics & Cytogenetics in Oncology & Hematology
BASE – BioArray Software Environment
BioArray News
BioCommerce Week
BIODIDAC Resources for Biology Teaching
Biology Links – Harvard Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology
BioMagResBank – NMR spectroscopic data from proteins, peptides and nucleic acids
BioScience Technology
BLAST (GenBank/EMBL/SwissProt/PIR)
BLAST2 at EMBL (GenBank/EMBL/SwissProt/PIR)
Brenda ( The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System )
BTKbase – Mutation registry for X-linked agammaglobulinemia
C. elegans Worm Server
Caenorhabditis Genetics Centre
CATH – Hierarchical classification of protein domain structures
CCRC(CarbBank) – Complex Carbohydrate Structural Database
Cell Biology Education
Cell Line Database
CEPH – Human Genotype Database
Clinical Case Tutorials in Biochemistry
Clinical Proteomics Research Map
Clusters of Orthologous Groups (COG)
Cold Spring Harbor Courses and Meetings
Collection of mRNA-like non-coding RNAs
Combined Databases
Come in
Comparative Genomics
COMPEL – Composite Regulatory Elements
COPE – Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopedia
Coriell Cell Repositories
Cre Transgenic Database
CUTG – Codon usage tables
Cytogenetic Correspondence Linkage Map Note: Requires Java-compliant browser
Cytokine Gene Polymorphism Database
Database Indexes
Database Notification Services
Database of Genome Sizes (DOGS)
Database of Germline p53 Mutations
Database of Macromolecular Movements
Database on the Structure of Large Subunit Ribosomal RNA
Database on the Structure of Small Subunit Ribosomal RNA
Database Sources (downloadable images of sequence databases)
DBCAT – Index of Molecular Biology Databases
dbCFC – Cytokine Family EST Database
DBGET (Integrated Database Retrieval System)
dbSNP – Single nucleotide polymorphisms
Decoys ‘R’ Us – Computer-generated protein conformations based on sequence data
DExH/D Family Database – DEAD-box, DEAH-box and DExH-box proteins
DNA Data Bank of Japan
Drug Discovery & Development
E. coli Genetic Stock Center
EBI – European Bioinformatics Institute
Educational Resources
EID – Protein-coding, intron-containing genes
EMBL Virus Structures
Endogenous GPCR List
Enzyme Nomenclature Database
EPD – Eukaryotic POL II promoters
ESTHER – Esterases and hydrolase enzymes and relatives
ExInt – Exon-intron structure of eukaryotic genes
Expasy Molecular Biology Server
ExpressDB – Harvard University
Filarial Genome Network
FIMM – Functional molecular immunology
Fundamentals of Sequence Analysis (Caltech)
FUNPEP – Low-complexity or compositionally-biased protein sequences
GDB – Human genes and genomic maps
Gene Expression
Gene Expression Database (GXD)
Gene Identification and Structure
GeneMap – International Radiation Mapping Consortium Human Gene Map
Gene-map Homology Search
Genetic Engineering News
Genetic Maps
Genome Navigator – Interactive Genome Viewer
GenomeWeb – Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomeics Research
Genomics & Proteomics
GEO – Gene Expression Omnibus – NCBI
Gordon Research Conferences
GPCRDB – G protein-coupled receptors
GRAP Mutant Database – Family A G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GRAP)
Haemophilia B Mutation Database
HGBASE – Intragenic Sequence Polymorphisms
HIC-Up – Hetero-Compound Structural Database
Histone Sequence Database
HIV Molecular Immunology Database
Homeobox Page
Homeodomain Resource
HPVSD – Human Papillomavirus Sequence Database
HSSP – Structural families and alignments
HUGE – Large (>50 kDa) human proteins and cDNA sequences
HuGE Index
HuGeMap – Human genome genetic and physical map data
Human Chromosome 1 Database
Human Gene Mutation Database (HMGD)
Human Genome Project Database
Human Genone Project Information
Human Mitochondrial Genome Database
Human PAX2 Allelic Variant Database
Human PAX6 Allelic Variant Database
Human STS – Human Physical Mapping Project (Whitehead Institute)
Human Type I & Type III Collagen Mutation Database
HUM-MOLGEN Communication Forum
HvrBase – Primate mtDNA control region sequences
IARC p53 Database
IDB/IEDB – Intron sequence and evolution
Image Databases
Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
IMB Jena Image Library
IMGT – Immunogenetics Database
IMGT – Immunoglobulin, T cell receptor and MHC sequences
InBase – Intervening protein sequences (inteins) and motifs
INCA Recursive BLAST database search (Requires Java)
INE- Rice
Institute for Laboratory Animal Research – (ILAR)
Institute for Molecular Virology (U of Wisconson – Madison)
International Biotechnology Laboratory
International Laboratory News
IXDB – Physical maps of human chromosome X
Jackson Labs
Kabat Database – Sequences of proteins of immunological interest
Keystone Symposia
Kidney Development Database
Kimball’s Biology Pages – Definitions for Biology
KinMutBase – Disease-causing protein kinase mutations
Lab Velocity
LGIC – Ligand-gated ion channel sequences, alignments and phylogeny
LPFC – Library of protein family core structures
MAD Microarray Database – Jackson Laboratory
MAGEST – Ascidian (Halocynthia roretzi) gene expression
MAPS – NIEHS Microarray Group
MAXD – University of Manchester
M-CHIPS – German Cancer Research Center
Membrane Protein Database
MendelWeb Mendelian Genetics Tutorial
MEROPS – Peptidase sequences and structures
MGED – Microarray Gene Expression Data Society
MHCPEP – MHC-binding peptides – UCDF
Miscellaneous Tools and Web Sites
MMDB – All three-dimensional structures, linked to NCBI Entrez system
MODBASE – Comparative protein structure models
Molecular Biology www Servers
Molecular Probe Database
Molecules-R-Us (NIH)
Molecules-R-Us PDB (NIH)
Mosquito Genomics
Mouse Atlas & Gene Expression Database
Mouse Genome Database
Mouse Knockout and Mutation Database
Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB)
Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences
Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences (MIPS)
Mutation Databases
National Human Genome Research Institute
NCBI Genbank
NCBI ORF (Open Reading Frame Finder)
NCGR – National Center for Genome Resources
NCL Mutations – Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCL) genes
NDB – Nucleic acid-containing structures
Nobel e-Museum
Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Non-canonical Base Pair Database
NRR – Steroid and thyroid hormone receptor superfamily
NRSub – Bacillus subtilis genome
Nucleic Acid & Protein Microarray Links
Nucleic Acid & Protein Sequence Analysis
Nucleic Acid Databases
Nucleic Acid Structure Database
O-GLYCBASE – Glycoproteins and O-linked glycosylation sites
ONCOMINE – Cancer Microarray Database
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
ORDB – Olfactory Receptor Database
Organism & Organelle-Specific Databases
p53 Databases
PAHdb – Phenylalanine hydroxylase locus
Pathology Databases
Pattern analysis at PBIL
PDB – Structure data
PDB (Brookhaven)
PDB-REPRDB – Representative protein chains, based on PDB entries
PEDANT – Protein Extraction, Description, and ANalysis Tool
PEDB – Sequences from prostate tissue and cell type-specific cDNA libraries
Pfam – Sequence alignments and Markov models of protein domains
PhosphoBase – Protein phosphorylation sites
Phytophthora Functional Genomics Database
PIR – Protein Information Resource
PIR-ALN – Protein sequence alignments
PKR – Protein Kinase Resource
PLACE – Plant cis-acting regulatory elements
Plant mitochondrial tRNAs and tRNA genes
PMD – Protein mutant data
Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome
PRESAGE – Protein structures with experimental and predictive annotations
PRINTS – Protein Motif Fingerprint Database
PRINTS – Protein sequence motifs and signatures
ProClass – Families defined by PROSITE patterns and PIR superfamilies
ProDom – Protein domain families
Prolysis – Proteases
PROSITE – Protein patterns and profiles
Protein Databases
Protein Information Resource (NBRF)
Protein Motions Database
Protein Sequence Motifs
Protein Structure
Protein Structure Prediction Database
Proteome Resources
ProTherm – Thermodynamic data for proteins
ProtoMap – Automated hierarchical classification of SWISS-PROT proteins
Pseudobase – Information on RNA pseudoknots
PUMA – Princeton University MicroArray Database
R&D Research and Development
RAD3 – RNA Abundance Database – University of Pennsylvania
Radiation Hybrid Database – Radiation hybrid map data
RB1 Gene Mutation Database
READ – RIKEN Expression Array Database
REBASE – Restriction enzymes and methylases
Receptor Database (RDP)
RESID – Protein structure modifications
Ribonuclease P Database
Ribosomal Database Project (RDP)
RNA Database Guide
RNA Modification Database
RNA Sequences
RNA World
Saccharomyces Protein Structural Info
Sacchromyces Genome Database
SAPS (Statistical Analysis of Proteins)
SBASE – Annotated protein domain sequences
Schizosaccharomyces pombe Genome Project
SCOP – Familial and structural protein relationships
Scott’s Botanical Links
SEALS System for Easy Analysis of Lots of Sequences (NCBI)
SENTRA – Sensory signal transduction proteins
SeqPup – Sequence Editor and Analysis
Sequence, Structure & Function Related Databases
Small RNA Database
SMART – Signaling domain sequences
SRPDB – Signal recognition particle RNA, protein, and receptor sequences
SRS EBI (SwissProt/PIR/EMBL/TREMBL/Prosite/BLOCKS/Medline/Rebase/DBEST + others)
Stanford MicroArray Database
Stanford Protein Microarray Site
SV40 Large T-Antigen Mutant Database
SWISS-2DPAGE – 2D-PAGE images and reference maps
SWISS-3DIMAGE Annotated 3-D Images
SWISS-PROT (Protein database)
SWISS-Shop (SwissPROT)
SYSTERS – Protein clusters
TeleChem International – Microarray Electronic Library
TFD – Transcription factors and gene expression
The Biology Project Web Biology Course (U of Arizona)
TIGR – The Institute for Genomic Research
TIGR Gene Indices
TIGR Microbial Database
TMpred (Prediction of Transmembrane Regions)
tmRDB – tmRNA (10Sa RNA) sequences
tmRNA – tmRNA (10Sa RNA) sequences
Tooth Development Database
Trade Publications, News Services and Buyer’s Guides
TRANSFAC – Transcription factors and binding sites
Transgenic/Targeted Mutation Database
TREMBL Translated Protein Sequence Database (EBI)
TRIPLES – Transposon-Insertion Phenotypes, Localization and Expression in Saccharomyces
tRNA Sequences
TRRD- Regulatory regions of eukaryotic genes
University of North Carolina Microarray Database
UTRdb – 5′ and 3′ UTRs of eukaryotic mRNAs
Viroid and Viroid-Like RNA Database
Visualizations of Viruses
WebCutter (Restriction Maps)
Wnt Database – Wnt proteins and phenotypes
World Health Organization Malaria Database
WWW-Query (EMBL/Genbank/NRSub/Hovergen/HIDB)
Yale Microarray Database
YIDB – Yeast nuclear and mitochondrial intron sequences
Zea Mays – TIGR
Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN)