Biomat coated 96 well plates

8 well strip coated ELISA plate
Biomat available SURFACESCustom Coatings available
A wide range of Elisa plate surfaces offers the proper instrument for the needs of every user both manufacturers and researchers in the IVD sector.Coated 96 Well Elisa plates with Orlaprotein like coating
High binding capacityA hydrophilic surface suitable for passive adsorption of proteins with different grades of hydrophilicity.
Medium binding capacityA hydrophobic surface suitable for passive adsorption of proteins with different grades of hydrophobicity.
No binding capacityA surface that prevents the binding of proteins to the wells. Addressed to those procedures that need to avoid any modification of the activity of the molecules (e.g. enzymes) induced by the reactions that could occur with the well surface.
Aminated (primary amine)Amine, Carboxyl, Maleimide Coated Surfaces can be used for binding peptides or other molecules through covalent specific bonds.
BiotinBiotin Coated Surfaces can be used in immunoassays with avidin, streptavidin, neutravidin or other biotin-binding proteins.
CalmodulinCalmodulin Coated Surfaces can be used in assays for binding specific proteins mainly with hydrophobic sites in their surface.
Heparin catcherHeparin Binding Coated Surfaces can be used to immobilize heparin without having to modify the molecule in some way.
Immunotoxicity ELISA coated surfacesKLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin), Tetanus Toxoid, DNP (Dinitrophenol) or TNP (Trinitrophenol) are ideal for to set up ELISA IgM and IgG assays to be used as biomarkers of immunotoxicity.
Concanavalin ALectin Coated Surfaces can be used in assays for binding carbohydrate-binding proteins and glycoproteins.
Wheat germ
Poly-D-LysinePolyamino acids Coated Surfaces can be used to exploit their high density of ɑ amino, ɑ carboxyl, ɛ amino, guanidine groups to react through electrostatic and stereospecific bonds.
Protein AProtein A, G and A/G Coated Surfaces provide alternative to direct, passive adsorption methods for immobilizing antibodies for ELISA and other plates-based assay techniques.
Protein A/G
Protein G
Secondary AntibodiesGoat anti-mouse IgG
Goat anti-rabbit IgG
coated surfaces can be used for binding antibodies when they are available in low quantities, denaturated and even when they are present in an impure protein samples.
NeutravidinStreptavidin, Streptavidin HB and Neutravidin Coated Surfaces can be used in immunoassays for binding antibodies or probes for ELISA and other target-specific assays.
Streptavidin High Binding
Biomat will be in Medica Dusseldorf 2021
In november 2021Biomat will participate at Medica in Dusseldorf.
This photo was taken by Lieven Gevaert, Bio-ir. from Gentaur
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